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Analog Devices introduce high performance data acquisition solution that eases engineering challenges for precision applications, evaluation board and

Analog Devices have introduced the ADAQ4003 μModule® precision data acquisition (DAQ), signal chain solution that reduces the development cycle of precision measurement systems by transferring the signal chain design challenge of component selection, optimization, and layout from the designer to the device.

Renesas expand low-power Arm Microcontroller offering with new RA4M2 MCU group ideal for industrial and IoT applications, evaluation kit and samples a

Renesas has announced the expansion of its RA4 Series microcontrollers (MCUs) with the addition of the RA4M2 Group MCUs. These new microcontrollers deliver an exceptional combination of very low power consumption, high performance, and enhanced security features that positions them as ideal solutions for industrial and IoT applications.

STMicroelectronics upgrades STWIN SensorTile development kit and reference design for Industrial IoT applications, evaluation board available from Ang

The STWIN SensorTile wireless industrial node (STEVAL-STWINKT1B) from STMicroelectronics is an upgraded development kit and reference design that further simplifies prototyping and testing for advanced industrial IoT applications such as condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.

STMicroelectronics Boosts IoT Design Productivity with First Ultra-Compact STM32 Wireless Microcontroller Module, evaluation board available from Angl

STMicroelectronics have launched the STM32WB5MMG an ultra-low-power and small form factor certified 2.4GHz wireless module that supports Bluetooth® Low Energy 5.0, Zigbee® 3.0, OpenThread, dynamic and static concurrent modes, and 802.15.4 proprietary protocols

Sensirion break size barrier in CO2 sensing with un-matched price-to-performance ratio, evaluation kit and samples available from Anglia

Sensirion have launched the SCD4x series of next generation miniature CO2 sensors that offer an unmatched price-to-performance ratio. This sensor builds on the photoacoustic sensing principle and Sensirion’s patented PASens® and CMOSens® Technology to enable unmatched small sensor size combined with high performance.

STMicroelectronics extends the MasterGaN® family with introduction of high power density 600V half bridge driver with two enhancement mode GaN devices

The latest MasterGaN2 device from STMicroelectronics is an advanced power system-in-package that integrates a gate driver and two enhancement mode GaN transistors in asymmetrical half bridge configuration. By combining advanced integration with GaN’s inherent performance advantages, MasterGaN2 further extends the efficiency gains, size reduction, and weight savings of topologies such as active clamp flyback.

Analog Devices introduce ultrawideband 10MHz to 60 GHz 4-bit digital attenuator, evaluation board and samples available from Anglia

Analog Devices have introduced the ADRF5740 4-bit digital attenuator manufactured using a silicon process that is designed to operate across an ultrawideband frequency range of 10 MHz to 60 GHz with low insertion loss. The device features high input linearity and allows attenuation control in 2 dB steps up to 22 dB, with attenuation accuracy of ±(0.1 + 1.0% of state) up to 20GHz and ±(0.2 + 7.0% of state) up to 55GHz with a typical step error of just ±0.30 dB and ±0.60 dB respectively.

Renesas Adds New Entry-Line RA2E1 MCU Group to RA Family to Address Cost-Sensitive and Space-Constrained Applications, evaluation board and samples av

Renesas has announced the expansion of its 32-bit RA2 Series microcontrollers (MCUs) with the addition of the new RA2E1 Group MCUs. Based on the 48-MHz Arm® Cortex®-M23 core, the RA2E1 MCUs are entry-line, single-chip devices with up to 128-KB code flash and 16-KB SRAM memory

STMicroelectronics Introduces BlueNRG-LP Bluetooth® 5.2-Certified SoC, Extending Range, Throughput, Reliability and Security, evaluation boards availa

STMicroelectronics has revealed its latest BlueNRG-LP Bluetooth® LE System-on-Chip (SoC), which leverages the latest Bluetooth features to increase communication range, raise throughput, strengthen security, and save power. The ultra-low-power radio is optimized to consume as little as 3.4mA in receive mode, just 4.3mA when transmitting, and less than 500nA when quietly waiting for wake-up events, cutting by half the size of battery needed in most applications and prolonging runtime.

Introducing the Murata highly reliable Ionissimo® range of Ionizers, samples available from Anglia.

Murata have released the highly reliable and highly safe Ionissimo® MHM series of ionizer modules to the market, these modules use Murata’s exclusive high-voltage circuit, insulation technology and generator structure which is designed to efficiently generate ions at lower voltages. The modules structure featuring the drive power supply wired to the ion generator provides a high degree of design freedom when incorporating the module into the finished product.

Mitsubishi Electric introduce High Resolution Thermal InfraRed Sensor, samples available from Anglia.

Infrared sensors that measure temperature by detecting the infrared radiation of objects are already widely used in security, HVAC and smart-building applications, however in recent years demand has grown for infrared sensors that can offer higher pixel and thermal resolution. To meet this growing demand Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has developed the Mitsubishi Electric Diode InfraRed sensor (MelDIR).

STMicroelectronics Reference Design Enables Compact and Cost-Effective Wearables with Social-Distancing, Contact-Tracing, and Remote Capabilities, dev

STMicroelectronics has announced the availability of a compact and cost-effective reference design ideally suited for monitoring social distancing, assuring remote operation, provisioning, as well as warning, anti-tampering, and potentially providing contact tracing to protect human health in all environments, including in response to global or local pandemic conditions.

Renesas Extends Arm Cortex-Based MCU Family with RA4M3 MCU Group for Industrial and IoT Applications, evaluation board and samples available from Angl

Renesas Electronics Corporation, a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, has expanded its RA4 Series microcontrollers (MCUs) with the addition of the 32-bit RA4M3 Group of MCUs.

Laser Type Particulate Matter Sensors from Panasonic are ideal for indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring, samples available from Anglia.

Panasonic have released the SN-GCJA5 Particulate Matter Laser Sensor to the market, this Laser Type Particulate Matter Sensor integrates an on-board microprocessor, Micro-fan, and Laser Diode in a compact package. The sensor has been developed to provide accurate air quality measurement whilst still being easy to use.

Introducing High Voltage Buck-Boost Battery Charge Controller from Analog Devices, samples and evaluation boards available from Anglia

The LT8491 charge controller from Analog Devices is an innovative buck-boost switching regulator battery charger that implements a constant-current constant-voltage (CCCV) charging profile that can be used for most battery types, including sealed lead-acid (SLA), flooded, gel and lithium-ion.

Connecting devices to the IoT the easy way with Thales Intelligent Cloud Connect, samples available from Anglia

Engineers will encounter a number of challenges when connecting ‘Things’ to the IoT, Thales (formerly Gemalto) have introduced the Intelligent Cloud Connect LTE Terminal a new product innovation which simplifies the whole process by delivering all the required technology in a single, easy to integrate solution.

Analog Devices introduce Temperature Sensor for VSM applications with ±0.1°C accuracy, samples and evaluation boards available from Anglia.

Analog Devices is helping shape the future of healthcare with innovative technology and system expertise, their domain expertise combined with a comprehensive technology portfolio enables customers to create solutions that positively impact people’s lives. One such product is the ADT7422 high accuracy, digital I2C temperature sensor which has been designed to meet the clinical thermometry specification of the ASTM E1112 standards when soldered onto the final printed circuit board (PCB).

Introducing the Ultra-Low Power RA2L1 MCU from Renesas featuring Advanced Capacitive Touch Sensing for Cost-Effective, Energy-Efficient IoT Node HMI A

Renesas a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions has announced the expansion of its 32-bit RA2 Series microcontrollers (MCUs) with 20 new RA2L1 Group MCUs, increasing the RA Family to 66 MCUs.

UVC LEDs with 265nm wavelength from Stanley Electric provide highly effective sterilization, samples and evaluation boards available from Anglia

Stanley Electric have released the ZEUBE265 series of 265nm peak wavelength UVC LEDs which are proving very effective in the fight against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. It has long been known that UV sterilization can achieve a reliable anti-bactericidal effect simply by irradiating with UV rays, it can also sterilize pathogenic micro-organisms that cause infectious diseases and health problems in the human body and is effective against various bacteria and viruses including COVID-19.

Accelerate your design with the AutoDevKit™ fast prototyping development boards and ecosystem from STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics is helping the automotive industry deliver safer, greener, and smarter vehicles to market more quickly and cost effectively with new tools that assist the development of electronic control units (ECUs), the ‘mini-computers’ that manage the numerous electronic systems in today’s vehicles. Leveraging their extensive experience and knowledge of the demanding automotive market, STMicroelectronics AutoDevKit™ ecosystem introduces a new and efficient toolset for creating working prototypes, replacing traditional artisan approaches and supporting standardization and design reuse. Available for free, the AutoDevKitlibrary is a software environment that lets users select the microcontrollers and functional boards from STMicroelectronics wide automotive portfolio to easily prototype an automotive solution.
Product Focuses 1-20 (of 165) Page:1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9

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